A/C Coolant Leak Repair

When it comes to air conditioning repairs, the most common problem you’ll hear about in the Katy and Houston, TX area is an A/C coolant leak. So what causes an A/C coolant leak? And how can we repair them?

What Causes An A/C Coolant Leak?

A/C Coolant Leaking From a Copper Pipe

An A/C Coolant Leak Can Cause Multiple Serious Problems Within Your System.

In a properly maintained A/C unit, you should not see any difference in your refrigerant levels.  A well-maintained unit does not develop leaks, so scheduling maintenance is your first step in protecting your unit. Call the TAM A/C & Heating, Inc. experts at 877-246-9251 to schedule your A/C maintenance.

Sometimes, leaks can be caused by faulty welds or loose joints, but these situations are usually noticed shortly after installation. Generally, most A/C coolant leaks are caused by corrosion within the copper coils. This corrosion is typically attributed to air quality within your home. Formaldehyde in the air circulating through your home mixes with the refrigerant to create formic acid, the same acid that makes fire ants so unpleasant! This formic acid slowly eats through the copper tubing and causes leaks.

To avoid these types of A/C coolant leak problems, using air purifiers, or opening the windows more often may help clean air circulate through your home. Additionally, proper maintenance is key. Our technicians clean inside the coils with a neutralizing solution to cut down on the formic acid and clean the outside of the coils for optimal efficiency.

This maintenance is especially important for high-efficiency units. High-efficiency air conditioners use thinner copper tubing to increase efficiency. The thinner the tubing, the more susceptible it is to corrosion from formic acid. Consider scheduling your annual maintenance inspection today!

How We Fix An A/C Coolant Leaks

Many homeowners believe that a long, hot summer can ‘exhaust’ an A/C unit, and cause it to use up the refrigerant. However, the only component of an A/C unit that is burned off, is energy! Therefore, topping it off with more coolant isn’t the answer to your problem; Topping it off is only a temporary solution.

As discussed above, low coolant is indicative of a leak in your system. To complete your A/C coolant repair, we will inspect your unit and determine where the fluid is leaking from. Once we have identified the faulty area, we will replace the compromised part, and refill your coolant.

For all of your A/C coolant leaks, or A/C coil repair in Katy and Houston, TX, give TAM A/C & Heating, Inc. a call at 877-246-9251 today!