Air Conditioner Maintenance

As with most household systems, your home needs A/C maintenance if you want optimal performance. Luckily, TAM A/C & Heating, Inc. provides air conditioning maintenance services throughout Katy and Houston, TX for all types of units! Caring for your A/C with regular maintenance is an excellent way to extend the life of your unit, and save you energy and repair costs down the road. Call our expert technicians at 877-246-9251 to find out more.

Professional Maintenance Steps

Air Conditiong Maintenance Service Technician

Air Conditioning Maintenance Keeps Your Unit Running Optimally for Longer.

When you call TAM A/C & Heating, Inc. to perform a yearly maintenance check on your Katy and Houston, TX unit, we are always sure to be completely thorough. As a local company, we know exactly how brutal the summers can be in Texas, and we don’t want your A/C letting you down when you need it most!

To begin, we will need to turn off your unit, due to the dangers of electricity, and the many moving parts. When the unit is completely off, our technician will begin carefully cleaning all of the components of your air conditioner. Dirt and grime that has accumulated within and around the coils and vents will be removed. Failing to regularly remove that dirt and grime causes a greater strain on your system, so removing it is key!

After gently cleaning the vents and fins, our technician runs a neutralizing solution through the coolant coil, to dispel any formic acid buildup. Formic acid is the leading cause of coolant leaks, so taking time to neutralize it yearly is essential!

Additionally, our technician will examine and clean the pan that collects condensation from the evaporator coil, and the drain attached to it. This drain can sometimes grow algae or mold form the moisture, so proper maintenance ensure that the growths do not have time to grow or negatively affect your home air quality.

Last but not least, our technician will inspect your filter, as it may need to be changed. A clean filter is essential for proper air flow. Proper air flow is essential for energy efficiency. Additionally, restricted air flow can cause the coils to freeze from reduced air flow, which can lead to costly complications.

How Often Do You Need Air Conditioning Maintenance?

When it comes to issues with your A/C, you should call us right away. However, for regular air conditioner maintenance, most units only require a yearly visit. Typically the best time to have your A/C checked and cleaned is in the Springtime before the hot Summer months come along.

Maintain your air conditioner, and save money on your energy bills, regular repairs and costly early replacements!

If you need air conditioning maintenance in Katy and Houston, TX or the surrounding areas, call TAM A/C & Heating, Inc. at 877-246-9251 today!