Commercial Sheet Metal Duct Work

Sheet Metal Duct Work

Sheet Metal Provides Sturdy Protection for Your Duct Work, Preventing Rips and Tears.

Are you frustrated with traditional duct work creating excessive energy waste and costing you valuable funds? “Duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning,” says the US Department of Energy. So what can your business do avoid this expensive waste? One great alternative is reinforced ducts, which is exactly what our TAM A/C & Heating team provides with custom insulated sheet metal duct work in Katy and Houston, TX. If you’re ready to skip the expensive air losses and pay less on your monthly energy bill, give our team a call at 877-246-9251!

Key Benefits of Insulated Sheet Metal

Think of the typical bulky ducts that you see in businesses in homes. These traditional air ducts are vulnerable to wear and tear over time, which creates tiny gaps, rips, and holes in the lining. This leads to air losses that gradually worsen over time. As a result, your HVAC system has to strive harder to compensate for the losses, consuming more energy and accelerating part aging.

That’s where insulated sheet metal duct work comes in handy. Special insulation protects your ducts from air waste, evenly distributing air throughout your entire HVAC system. Hardened by sheet metal, these ducts avoid the normal rips and tears that plague traditional duct work. On top of both of these excellent benefits, you’ll enjoy customized design and impeccable installation work from top HVAC professionals.

Installing Your Custom Duct Work

Whether you’re installing ducts for the first time in a brand new building, or you’re replacing your aging duct work in an existing office, you can depend on our experienced team. We take time to sit down with each of our commercial clients, establishing their budget and functional specifications so that we can craft a duct system that perfectly matches their needs. Your commercial air conditioning┬áis one of your most constant and expensive building expenses. Make sure that your business utilizes duct work that limits your costs instead of adding to them! For commercial sheet metal duct work in Katy and Houston, TX, call our experts at 877-246-9251 and ask for your estimate. We’re also available for emergency AC repairs if your current system ever breaks down unexpectedly.