Oven Repairs in Katy and Houston, TX

Having trouble with your oven? When you need oven repair in Katy and Houston, TX, choose TAM A/C & Heating. Give us a call at 281-599-7878 for fast, affordable oven repairs near you!

Common Oven Problems

oven repairIs your oven not heating at all? Is it heating unevenly? Whether you have a gas or electric oven, our professional oven repair technicians can help. Before giving us a call, though, make sure that there is not a simple solution. Check to make sure that no circuit breaker have been flipped and check the outlet your oven is plugged into with another device. If it is the outlet that is not working, you will need to call an electrician. However, if you are receiving power to the oven and there is still a problem, call TAM A/C & Heating.

A common problem could be a blown fuse or a damaged heating element. If you choose to investigate, be sure to use extreme caution when handling any electric or gas appliances. With high voltages involved, the need for skill and experience is important. Calling a certified technician can save you time and money, and help keep your home safe.

If you have a gas oven that will not ignite, you likely have a problem with the igniter. However, you should check to make sure your gas is on and there are no problems with your gas line. Again, be very careful when handling both gas and electric appliances or your could risk serious harm.

Professional Oven Repair and More!

When you are having trouble with your oven, call the skilled technicians at TAM A/C & Heating. For over 10 years we have been repairing home appliances and HVAC systems in the Greater Houston area. We can handle just about any major home appliance repair, including your stove and refrigerator. Whether it’s a simple fix or a more complex problem, we will work efficiently to return your home to normal. Give us a call at 281-599-7878 today for oven repair in Katy and Houston, TX, as well as the surrounding area.