A/C and Heating Repair in Richmond, TX

When you have a faulty A/C, broken furnace, or busted appliance, let TAM A/C & Heating help get your home back in shape. No matter which type of appliance or heating and cooling system you have, we will find a solution for your home. Give our helpful team a call today at 877-246-9251 for residential appliance, air conditioner and heater repair in Richmond, TX.

Air Conditioner Repair Services

air conditioner and heater repairNo one wants to suffer through the day or night with a busted air conditioner during a sweltering Texas summer. Whether your A/C seems less powerful than usual or it will not even turn on, give us a call at 877-246-9251 for repairs. At TAM A/C & Heating, we have experience with all types of air conditioning systems, even mini-split/ductless systems and air handlers, so choose our team for your air conditioner and heater repair in Richmond, TX. We also perform A/C replacement and scheduled maintenance to keep your A/C running efficiently for years to come. Talk to our crew of experienced repairmen today if you are in need of:

  • A/C Coil Repair: Skilled installation and repair is essential when repairing the evaporator coil in your air conditioner, so call us.
  • A/C Replacement and Upgrades: Increase your energy efficiency and make your home more enjoyable with an upgraded air conditioner!
  • Air Handler Repair: Though most houses have air conditioners, air handlers are a good alternative and we are skilled in their repair!
  • A/C Coolant & Leak Repair: If your air conditioner has a coolant leak, you might find the air feeling less cold than normal.
  • Ductless A/C: Mini-split or ductless A/C systems are compact and are excellent for low-cost and reliable home cooling.
  • Thermostat: We provide a wide variety of thermostats to let you control your home comfort and increase efficiency.
  • A/C Maintenance: There are several benefits to seasonal maintenance, from improved air quality to a more efficient, long-lasting air conditioner.

Heating Repair Services

When the weather gets cold, it’s wise to make sure that your heater is ready to go and is not damaged. Before the first cold front, check your heating system to ensure that everything is working properly. When there is an issue, call the skilled technicians at TAM A/C & Heating at 877-246-9251 for air conditioner and heater repair in Richmond, TX. We will thoroughly assess and clean your heater so that you can stay cozy through the winter. No matter if you own a conventional furnace or a heat pump system, we have the skills and experience to repair any heating system. Give us a call if you need one of the following heater repair services or have questions to ask a certified technician:

  • Electric Heater: Although they generally last about 20 years, electric heaters need maintenance and repair just like any other appliance.
  • Gas Furnace: When you are having problems with your gas furnace, inspect the pilot light and thermocouple before calling for help.
  • Heater Installation: If it’s time for a new heater, contact our repair company for professional heater installation in Richmond, TX.
  • Heat Pump: Despite their name, heat pumps work to heat and cool your home and come in multiple varieties.
  • Geothermal Heating: One type of heat pump, geothermal heating systems are highly efficient.
  • Heater Maintenance: Prevent unnecessary repairs and stress on your furnace with seasonal maintenance from TAM A/C & Heating.

Appliance Repair Services

Many home appliances experience more strain than we realize, and the majority of homeowners do not clean or maintain their appliances as often as they should. When your washing machine will not drain or the freezer stops working, life can quickly become hectic and stressful. Get your oven and other appliances repaired fast and at a fair price when you contact TAM A/C & Heating at 877-246-9251. If it’s a wiring issue or damaged component, our technicians will work quickly to restore your house to normal. For reliable home appliance repair in Richmond, TX, call our repairmen and we will assist you with the following services:

  • Refrigerator Repair: No matter if it’s a malfunctioning coil or motherboard, our technicians will get your refrigerator working again as quickly as possible.
  • Oven Repair: No matter what the issue is, we will work fast to get your oven working one more.
  • Washer/Dryer Repair: If you have especially hard or softened water, you might have more issues with your washer.
  • Freezer Repair: If your freezer goes out, it can be a serious problem if not addressed quickly, so don’t hesitate to call us!
  • Ice Maker Repair: Whether you need a new part or part repair, our technicians will get your ice maker working again quickly.
  • Stove Repair: If you have a gas or electric stove, our technicians will get it fixed quickly so you can go back to normal life.

Professional Service You Can Count On

Dealing with a damaged furnace, appliance, or air conditioner is not fun, and it always seems to happen at the worst time. We want you to be completely satisfied with our work and service, so we work quickly and thoroughly on all repairs. Our technicians are here to fix your heating and cooling system and home appliances, not to sell you on a product. What’s even more annoying than needing a repair is having to call again a couple of days or months down the road for the same problem. You don’t have to worry about this when you call TAM A/C & Heating for home appliance, air conditioner and heater repair in Richmond, TX. Call our team for questions or to find out more about our repair services at 877-246-9251.