A/C and Heating Repair in Tomball, TX

When you need air conditioner and heater repair, or have a damaged appliance such as your fridge, call the team at TAM A/C & Heating. No matter which make or model of appliance or heating and cooling system you have, we will find a solution for your home. Contact our skilled technicians at 877-246-9251 today if you are in need of appliance, air conditioner and heater repair in Tomball, TX and we’ll be on our way!

Air Conditioner Repair Services

air conditioner and heater repairNobody wants to spend the day or night with a busted A/C system during a hot Texas summer. If your air conditioner seems less cold than usual or it will not even turn on, give us a call at 877-246-9251 for repairs. At TAM A/C & Heating, we repair all kinds of air conditioning systems, including mini-split/ductless systems and air handlers, so choose our team for your air conditioner and heater repair in Tomball, TX. In addition, we can keep your A/C working smoothly with professional maintenance and cleaning. Call our staff today when you need any of the following air conditioner repair services:

  • A/C Coil Repair: Replacing an evaporator coil is one of the more expensive and difficult repairs, so choose the professionals at TAM A/C & Heating!
  • A/C Replacement and Upgrades: If your air conditioner is over 10 years old, it may not be working as well as it used to and might be wasting energy.
  • Air Handler Repair: When you have an issue with your air handler, let the team at TAM A/C & Heating help keep you cool.
  • A/C Coolant & Leak Repair: A/C coolant does not burn up, so if the levels are running low, there must be a leak.
  • Ductless A/C: If you need a more efficient residential cooling solution, consider a ductless or mini-split A/C system.
  • Thermostat: Whether you want a new smart thermostat for your home or zone control, we can help install and set it for perfect home comfort.
  • A/C Maintenance: Keeping a regular A/C maintenance schedule can help prolong the life of your A/C and improve efficiency.

Heating Repair Services

Because we rarely use our heaters in Texas, it is easy to neglect cleaning or maintaining them until we really need them, and then it can be too late! Check your furnace filter and make sure all parts are in good shape before the temperature drops, or you could have a very chilly wait until the repairman gets to your house. While a slight burning smell is normal when you first turn on your furnace, you should call TAM A/C & Heating at 877-246-9251 if there are other problems for air conditioner and heater repair in Tomball, TX. Whether you need a part replaced or just a thorough cleaning and maintenance, our crew will work efficiently to ensure that your heater is in top condition. In addition to gas and electric furnaces, we also service heat pumps, geothermal systems, and more. Give us a call if you need one of the following heater repair services or have questions to ask a professional technician:

  • Electric Heater: Choose our skilled repairmen for expert electric heater repair in Tomball, TX!
  • Gas Furnace: If you need gas furnace repair or replacement, talk to the expert technicians at TAM A/C & Heating.
  • Heater Installation: When it’s time for a new furnace, contact our HVAC company for professional heater installation in Tomball, TX.
  • Heat Pump: If you want a more efficient home heating and cooling system, a heat pump might be a great option.
  • Geothermal Heating: Among the most efficient heating systems, geothermal heat pumps demand skilled installation and repair.
  • Heater Maintenance: Reduce unnecessary problems and strain on your heater with regular maintenance from TAM A/C & Heating.

Appliance Repair Services

We use many of our large residential appliances every single day, from the freezer to the stove. If one of these appliances breaks down, it can throw a wrench into your life. Call TAM A/C & Heating right away at 877-246-9251 for fast, affordable appliance repair near you! Our repairmen have the training and experience to replace damaged fuses, repair faulty wires, and more. Call our skilled repairmen today if you need one of the following appliance repairs in Tomball, TX:

  • Refrigerator Repair: Whatever is wrong with your fridge, contact us for a complete inspection and reliable repairs you can count on.
  • Oven Repair: For expert oven repair near you, call our crew of skilled repairmen and we will fix the problem.
  • Washer/Dryer Repair: There are several things that can go wrong with your washing machine and dryer, from clogged hoses to broken motor.
  • Freezer Repair: If ice cream is thawing or food is not freezing, you might need skilled freezer repair.
  • Ice Maker Repair: When you are in need of ice maker repair in Tomball, TX, give our crew a call and we will get it working again.
  • Stove Repair: No matter what type of stove you have, our repairmen have the necessary experience to get it working again.

Professional Service You Can Count On

Dealing with a broken furnace, appliance, or A/C is no fun, and it always seems to happen at the worst time. On every job we take, we want you to be satisfied with our quality of work and service. Our repairmen do not believe in half-done work or subpar service. No one wants to call for A/C or appliance repair only to have the same machine fail a few days later! If you need quality appliance, air conditioner and heater repair in Tomball, TX that you can depend on, choose TAM A/C & Heating. Call us at 877-246-9251 when you need expert repair near you!