The Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioner

If you’re fed up with high energy costs and want to try something new, invest in a ductless air conditioning unit.

Less Noise

Going ductless is going quiet. These units are virtually silent because the area of process is much smaller. Get the same results with quieter efficiency when you have a ductless air conditioner installed.

Less Expensive/Less Energy

Ductless A/C units work much like regular A/C units, but the process takes place in a much smaller area. This means you use less energy and it much less labor intensive to install. Your installation costs will be lower along with your monthly energy bill.

Better Air

Ductless Air Conditioner in Katy and Houston, TX

Install a smaller, quieter, cost-efficient a/c unit in your home.

Because the unit is so small, the unit is easier to clean. A clean unit means clean air. Ducted air conditioning units can be cleaned along with swamp heaters, but they don’t get cleaned nearly as often, because of the hassle it takes to get a professional cleaner out and then pay them once the job is done. Ductless air conditioners can be cleaned in 15 minutes or less in the comfort of your own home, without calling anyone in. Not to mention, cleaning costs are much less expensive this way.

Ductless Air Conditioner in Katy & Houston, TX

A ductless air conditioner will take up virtually no space. It is the smallest, most effective air conditioning process to date.

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This type of unit is perfect for hot, humid, congested areas like Houston, TX. The benefits combine together to make a luxury out of a cost-effective necessity.Contact us now for more information regarding your new ductless air conditioning unit in Katy and Houston, TX. Our technicians can be dispatched to your home