Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Air Conditioning & Heating Questions

How often should I have my heating system inspected?

Different types of heating systems require different types of maintenance, but every type needs to be inspected annually to ensure optimal performance.


Under normal conditions, how long can I expect my heating system to last?

A typical furnace is expected to last 8 – 17 years. Without regular maintenance, you should expect it to last closer to 8 years than to 17. As the components within your furnace begin to age, consider replacing around 12 years for optimal efficiency.


When should I change the filter in my heating system?

How often you change your filter is dependent on the size of your filters and your home life. If you have animals, you should change 1 or 2 inch filters monthly, 4 inch filters every 2 months and 5 inch filters every 3 months.  If you don not have animals, you can change every 3, 6, or 12 months per your filter size. If your home is rather dusty, or you keep the a/c fan on constantly, you will need to change your filters in the same frequency as listed for homes with animals.


When do I need my furnace or electric heat pump serviced?

How often you change your filters will have a lot to do with how often you need your heat system serviced. With proper filter changing, your heater should only need service once annually. However, should anything seem out of the ordinary at any other time of the year, please call us ASAP to avoid bigger issues with your furnace down the line.


Is it better to replace and upgrade my A/C, rather than repair it?

Is your unit ready to retire? Speak to one of our technicians today about upgrading or replacing your old air conditioner or heater. Upgrades increase the value of your home, save you money on electricity bills, and make your home a more pleasant place to be!


Before you call: Home AC Self-Check

  • Check if the breaker in charge of your unit has tripped. You may only need to flip it back on to fix the issue.
  • Check the filter. If your filter is extremely dirty or clogged, it will reduce the effectiveness and cooling power of your A/C
  • Check the thermostat. Your thermostat may be set incorrectly, or may need new batteries.

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