Get Better Air Quality

Your HVAC system probably went through a lot this winter. Combating the cold is hard work for your heater. You probably stayed indoors a lot, too. You may have noticed your air quality more. Do you think it could use improvement? There are some simple things you can do to improve your air quality at home.

Clean Your Ducts

Dust gathers in your system over time. All the things in your air travel through those ducts before reaching your rooms. Duct cleaning can be a tough thing, so you should call your HVAC professionals and ask about professional duct cleaning. A pro can clean up all that dust with better, more efficient equipment.

Clean Your Vents

Your HVAC system blows air through your vents, and dust gathers as it does. People often go too long between cleanings. That does gathers fast, so it’s a good idea to add dusting your vents to your regular cleaning schedule. This will give you better, cleaner air.

Change the Filters

Dirty Air Filter

Get Better Air Quality

We all know that we should change our air filters, but most people forget. It needs to be done several times per year–once per month is better for your air quality. These filters keep your air filtered and clean, and they help your HVAC system run better, too. If you’re indoors breathing that air, it could make a noticeable difference.

Improve your air quality at home with these tips. When you need help with your HVAC system, call us at Tam A/C & Heating, Inc. We serve your air conditioner and heater in Katy, TX. Call 877-246-9251.