Heat Pump Repairs in Katy and Houston, TX

If you are looking for an efficient air conditioning and heating system for your home, a heat pump might be for you. Already have one but it needs maintenance? Call TAM A/C & Heating at 281-599-7878 for heat pump repair in Katy and Houston, TX.

Pros and Cons of a Heat Pump

coastal heat pump carrier

Carrier Split System Coastal Heat Pump

If you are not familiar with a heat pump, it is a convenient and efficient heating and cooling solution. While it has the word “heat” in the name, it can be used to cool your home as well. Using electricity, heat pumps operate by moving heat rather than creating it. During the heating season, your heat pump moves warmth from outside into your home and during the summer, it moves hot air out of your house. There are multiple types of heat pumps, including ones that use air, water, and geothermal technology.

While geothermal systems are the most efficient, they cost more initially due to installation. Air-source heat pumps are the most common, and can help reduce your traditional heating and cooling costs by up to 50 percent. Compared to traditional air conditioners and heaters, ground-source heat pumps provide superior dehumidifying power, a major benefit in the Greater Houston area. In addition to whole-home heating and cooling, these system are ideal for add-ons or guest homes.

Want to learn more about the different types of heat pumps available? Call TAM A/C & Heating at 281-599-7878 to learn which type of heat pump would best suit your needs and budget.

Professional Heat Pump Repair

If you need heat pump repair in Katy and Houston, TX, give us a call! Many HVAC technicians do not handle heat pumps because they require special training and experience to repair the equipment properly. At TAM A/C & Heating, we handle all types heat pumps and will get your system back to work as quickly as possible. Some common problems we see are ice buildup and the system running constantly. Neither of these situations should happen, so call our technicians at 281-599-7878 for heat pump repair right away. We handle heater pump repair in Katy and Houston, TX!