Heater Installation in Katy and Houston, TX

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Signs That You Need New Heater Installation

heater installationOn average, most heaters will last around 20 years. Even if yours lasts longer, you should have it inspected and consider replacing it, as efficiency usually drops significantly at this point. Plus, more efficient and affordable furnaces are always being developed. If your heater is nearing the end of its life, you might start to notice higher heating bills than in the past. No one enjoys wasting money, so you should address this problem quickly!

Another sign that your heater is on its way out is a frequent need for repairs. If your heater has not been properly maintained, it will need more repairs and will fail earlier than a well-maintained system. While some repairs are simple or inexpensive, others require specially ordered parts and more extensive labor. If your furnace is old and needs a costly repair, consider replacing it instead.

When you need heater installation in Katy and Houston, TX, choose a reputable technician. Air conditioner and heater installation actually plays a major role in how well your HVAC system will perform over the years. Regular maintenance is also very important if you want to get the most out of your new heater.

Gas vs. Electric

The most common options when it comes to heater installation are gas and electric furnaces. Both have their own sets of pros and cons, and choosing one over the other will depend on your home. If your home is not set up for gas, an electric furnace is usually the clear choice. However, gas tends to be more affordable over time, though it costs more up front. If you prefer a low maintenance, long-lasting option, though, electric may be the way to go. To find out which system is best for you, call TAM A/C & Heating at 281-599-7878 for heater installation in Katy and Houston, TX today.