Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance Essentials

Spring air conditioner maintenance

Don’t forget to prepare your air conditioner for Spring with these tips!

As we get closer to Spring, it may be a good idea to get a head start on your Spring Maintenance routine. Spring cleaning is an obvious item on your to do list, but did you know that taking care of your air conditioner first can help your home maintain a cleaner air quality throughout the year? Before the temperatures get too high, and you need to start using your A/C daily, we’ve put together a few ways you can prepare your A/C for the coming season.

Preparing Your A/C For Spring

Replace Your Filters

Failure to keep up with filter changes is one of the leading causes of air conditioner repair calls. Take the time to replace your filters regularly, with the proper size and frequency that best suits your home life.

Clean Supply Vents

Dirty air supply vents are more than just gross to look at! Dirty vents leads to dirtier filters, and allows the spread of unnecessary bacteria throughout your house! Be sure to keep those supply vents clear of dust, oils, and pet hair.

Remove Condenser Lids

During the winter, many homeowners will cover their outside unit to protect it from leaves and other debris that might damage it. When Spring comes around, however, it is very important that you remember to take off that lid. Leaving the lid in place can greatly damage your unit.

Check Your Outdoor Unit

After removing the condenser lid, make sure the outdoor unit is free from obvious signs of damage. With the thermostat turned off, inspect the outdoor unit for missing or damaged panels. If you find anything out of the ordinary, call a local professional right away!

If you find any issues when you complete your Spring maintenance, give TAM a call for prompt and reliable service you can count on. We are your one stop shop for professional air conditioner and heater repair in Houston, TX! Call today at 281-599-7878!