Keeping Cool And Saving Money This Summer

Anyone that lives in Texas knows that summers can be pretty intense. We have to do our best to get creative about keeping ourselves cool so that we don’t always run our A/C units and rack up the energy bill. However, there are ways to keep cool and conserve some energy at the same time, if you are careful. It is important that you make sure your A/C is working before you go into the summer months though. The reason for this is because heat can come on very fast and once it is here, it is not healthy to sit in the sweltering heat for long because you can become sick. That being said, if you do not want to constantly run your air conditioner this summer, read a few of our tips below and save yourself some money.

What You Can Do

If you are going to be sitting in one spot for a while, something you can do without turning the air on in your whole house, is to turn the fan on. You can also just turn on a small fan close to your face to keep you cool. Another great way to keep the house cool is before you leave for the day or when you are home for a little while, is to close all of your blinds and curtains and turn your air on. When it gets to a good temperature, you can turn it off and rely on fans to keep it cool. As long as you are not going in and out of your house, it will stay cool for awhile and you will not have to run your air.

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