Signs You Need a New HVAC


An Old HVAC Will Steadily Lessen Its Performance and Accumulate Repair Needs.

When you have an expensive appliance like an HVAC, you naturally want it to last for as long as possible. Through maintenance and preventative repair, you can greatly extend the life of your system. Unfortunately, every HVAC will eventually need replacement. If you’ve noticed any of the following signs, call a trusted professional for an inspection today.

Higher Bills

As an HVAC ages, it begins to do its job less efficiently. An accumulation of repair needs, dirt and dust within the system, and general wear will lessen an HVAC’s ability to adequately cool or heat a home. When this happens, it will demand more energy to perform the same level of consistent service. If you’ve noticed an uptick in your monthly energy bills, you can likely blame your aged, outdated HVAC.

Inconsistent Service

An HVAC should have the ability to reliably cool and heat your entire home. If certain rooms never seem adequately comfortable, you could need a new HVAC. Multiple repair issues can lead to the inconsistent cooling and heating of a home. Regardless, an HVAC that struggles with its basic operation becomes a good candidate for an upgrade.

Old Age

Generally speaking, an HVAC should last for approximately 10 to 15 years. Once it has achieved or surpassed this period of time, you need to consider the necessity of replacement. Older HVACs will steadily accumulate repair needs, and can suddenly fail when you need their service the most. Newer systems also come with plenty of upgrades in terms of features and energy efficiency.

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