Signs of a Broken Freezer

Person Opening Broken FreezerA broken freezer can be dangerous for homeowners. Food stored in a damaged fridge or freezer can go bad, causing bacteria to accumulate on the food. Sometimes the damage is not noticed until it’s too late, and the bad food causes sickness. If you think you are having problems with your freezer, call up TAM A/C & Heating to have it checked out. We offer freezer repair services in Houston, TX, and Katy, TX. In the meantime, checkout these signs of a broken freezer:

Energy Bills

Do you notice a spike in your energy bills? A broken freezer could be the main culprit. Older models are actually lest energy efficient anyway, so it could be the combination of a malfunctioning device, along with an obsolete model.

Frosted Walls

One of the most visual symptoms of freezer damage, is frost buildup on the walls. Freezers should be cold of course, but not to the point where ice is forming on the interior. If you notice this clearly visible sign, it could be time to invest in a new freezer. At the very least, call up TAM A/C & Heating and have your freezer inspected.

Water Leaks

A puddle of water below your fridge and freezer is a bad sign. It could be the result of any number of factors, but each of them represent defects in your unit. For example, a broken drip pan can be the culprit of the water leak, but so can rotted seals. In either case, your freezer is not functioning properly. CallĀ 281-599-7878 for freezer repair in Houston, TX, and Katy, TX.