What is the Average Life of a Washing Machine?

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Your Guide to Washing Machines

Washing machines are used for the cleanliness of our textiles and linens and without them we’d all be walking around with bad odors, sleeping in unwashed sheets or just going back to the old school method of hand washing our items. In order to save us a whole bunch of time, it seems like a better idea to own and rely on modern washing machines and dryers! However, with machines comes maintenance! Our washing machines are susceptible to a variety of influences that can lead to repairs and replacements, it’s nothing new. Washing machine quality naturally digresses over time and can become more prone to wearing out. Improvements have been made to technology over the years and that includes appliances! Now we have energy efficient washing machines that are labeled with a plethora of washing machine energy ratings which boast of how a particular model is conserving energy while saving you money! That’s the great thing about newer models, ultimately you’ll be saving on utility bills over time. There are also options that can fit with your budget while providing benefits that were not available prior to the turn of this century and into the new millennium! Washing machine replacements and new installations have a variety of benefits that can reap overtime! Here is some helpful information so you may decide if repairs or replacements are right for you.

What brand of washer is most reliable?

The most reliable brands of washing machines are Speed Queen, Roper, Maytag, Samsung, Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, and LG.

When should you replace a washing machine?

The average life expectancy of a washing machine unit falls between 8-12 years. Once the 8-year mark comes around be attentive of your unit, you can extend the life by cleaning washer and dryer hoses at least once a year.

Signs That You Should Replace Your Washing Machine

  • Leaking: this can be due to a loose connection, overflowing or a worn water hose.
  • Movement: the feet could not be level,  you can make adjustments by turning the knobs.
  • Noise: grinding, humming, buzzing or banging noises can mean a failing drive motor, drive pumps, pulleys, and various other system issues.
  • Water Isn’t Filling the Drum: this could be due to delayed cycles, water faucet issues, a kink in the hose or a faulty water intake valve, filter, belts or lid switch.
  • Smell: there could be mold or mildew in the unit.
  • Age: the closer a unit is to its life expectancy the more issues may occur.
  • Energy Efficiency: front-loading washers use less water & have less expensive repair costs.

How much will it cost to repair my washing machine?

You can expect to pay a range of $50-$350 for inspections and labor with replacement parts.

Why has my washing machine stopped spinning?

A few reasons as to why your washing machine has stopped spinning could be due to worn, loose or broken drive belts that may need to be tightened or replaced. You can check the bottom of the unit to make sure the feet are adjusted and level with the floor. Another place to check is your lid switch as the plastic tab may be broken. If the switch doesn’t click when you press and release the lid than it may need to be replaced. It could also be that your clothes are either jammed or unbalanced in the drum and need to be repositioned. Finally, there may simply be an issue with the controls of your unit.

Professional technician conducting washing machine repairs.

Why won’t the water in my washing machine drain?

There could be several reasons as to why your washing machine isn’t draining, here are a few examples. Some simple reasons can include a small piece or clothing getting stuck in the drain, a kink in the hose or clogs in your pumps or hose. Other issues may be due to wear, the unit is broken or age like with a drive belt or water pump. If your washer doesn’t drain it could also be due to a defective lid switch assembly or door lock motor with mechanical or electrical failures. If you have the resources, you could test any electrical switches with an Ohm meter of for continuity. Finally, what is known as a pin or coin trap that’s designed to trap foreign materials from going into the drain could be clogged and need to be cleaned out as with clogged pipe cleaning practices.

Washing machine repairs can be confusing, skip the guesswork and rely on a certified professional for fixtures. Oftentimes, there could be issues with your plumbing that may be beyond your expertise. In order to prevent loose connections and prevent further problems being created from faulty temporary fixes get it right the first time with a skilled technician. Get your clothes smelling fresh and save on costs with new energy efficient systems! When the time comes for a new unit you’ll be happy to see what improvements have been made in productivity and performance!

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