When Your Home has Water Damage

A flooded home is an absolute nightmare. There are so many ways that this type of water damage can happen to a home. From overflowing washing machines to leaky faucets to DIY repair jobs gone wrong, if you are facing residential flooding, you need to act fast to save your valuables to prevent water damage in your home. For water damage restoration and cleanup in Katy and Houston, TX, contact the professionals at TAM A/C & Heating, Inc. at 877-246-9251 immediately.

What Damage Can Water Cause?

leaks in ceiling cause damage

Warped Wallpaper Occurs From Burst Piping As Water Leaks Through The Drywall

Failing plumbing seems to be the reason why homeowners often see some type of water destruction to their resideces. Backed up drains, floods, and burst pipes are the most common reasons for water damage in homes. If not taken care of, serious repercussions can occur like black mold, wood rot, and odors. As soon as water damage is noticed, it needs to be dealt with immediately to deter any more destruction from happening. This often involves calling for a water damage restoration company to come in and properly clean up all traces of water damage in the home.

How Do You Deal With Water Damage?

If you are wondering on how to properly clean it up, it often involves having to call in a professional cleaning company that specializes in water damage restoration. The way a water cleanup process works is that the water damage company first comes in to inspect the home for all the signs of water damage. After making notes of it, they begin the drying process. If damage like mold is found, special cleaning procedures have to be taken.

How Do You Deal With Wet Rot?

To remove mold and mildew growth and other substantial water damage coverage from the home, air dryers and chemicals like ammonia or bleach are needed. This involves using different types of air dryers to help remove all standing water left in the home. Water that has gotten trapped in between wooden baseboards or drywall often require small holes that need to be drilled that can release the evaporating air. All of this is needed to help prevent mold growth as the fungus thrives in warm, moist places. Be particularly on alert for the seriously dangerous and contaminating black mold that often grows in these areas when they are not properly dried out.

Signs You Have a Water Leak

dark water spots on ceiling

Dark Spots on The Ceiling and Walls Show Where Water Is Leaking From The Roof Or A Burst Pipe

Since water damage often comes from burst pipes in your home, it is valuable knowledge to have to be able to spot a water leak in your home. That way you can quickly repair the issue before it gets worse and results in flooding and substantial water damage. Things that can leak around the home are unsealed windows, roofs, and plumbing fixtures. These plumbing fixtures are mainly pipes and valves found on sinks, hoses, faucets, tubs and showers, washing machines, water heaters, and air conditioning units. To spot signs of a water leak, look for:

  • High water bills. Water will continuously be flowing with a hidden leak, and while it may not be used, the water bill will show that it has.
  • Water spots or mold. Dark spots on ceilings and walls are called water spots and show where water has leaked through your ceiling from an overhead pipe or roof leak. Mold growth usually occurs in these areas, as well.
  • Water sounds. Bubbling or gurgling in your drains, running water behind walls, and dripping sounds are all signs that you have a burst pipe.
  • Odors. With your walls and flooring getting wet from the hidden burst pipes and water damage, that is bound to create some foul smells as the water just sits there over time. Warm, old water attracts bacteria which is where it gets its scent.

Benefits of Quick Repair

If you notice if any the above mentioned signs of water damage in your Katy and Houston, TX home, don’t hesitate to call the plumbers at TAM A/C & Heating, Inc. at 877-246-9251 today. Waiting too long to get your pipes repaired will only result in massive cleanup and repair procedures. While you may think that your leaking water heater is not that big of a deal, leaving it unrepaired could result in a flooded basement and you needing to call for burst water heater cleanup. Common problems stemming from lack of repair include higher replacement equipment costs, severely damaged homes, and out of pocket payments as insurance oftentimes won’t cover these types of repairs since they could have been avoided and were the result of neglect.

Water Damage Cleanup

Oftentimes, home restoration after water damage is needed, as a lot of destruction will have occured. Furniture, flooring, and walls are usually ruined and in need of replacing. If you have water damage coverage as part of your homeowners insurance, a lot of this will be paid for by your insurance company. The insurance company will call in general contractors to come repair the floorboards and drywall after the drying process is complete.

Avoid Water Damage With Plumbing Repairs Today

To avoid getting significant water damage in your Katy and Houston, TX home, call for washer and dryer repair in Katy and Houston, TX from the team at TAM A/C & Heating, Inc. at 877-246-9251. It is much more affordable to repair a leaking pipe when you first notice it instead of letting it worsen into tremendous water damage effects. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on water damage cleanup services and instead call for cost effective plumbing repairs from our expert technicians.